Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement
We would draw to the attention of all staff the importance of confidentiality within the workplace, we know this is an area in which staff pride themselves and have an excellent record.

We would ask staff to ensure that the service users who we provide care services for on regularly do not take the opportunity to divulge information which could be viewed as” tittle tattle “or engage staff in discussions about others.

We also expect staff to adhere to confidentiality and not pass on information to other staff about service users. We are mindful that there can be information which must be conveyed regarding the service users in receipt of care to other staff, or relevant others, however it is important to keep the information to the minimum.

Communication and Correspondences received about service user must be considered as confidential and treated accordingly. Staff should be aware that a breach of confidentiality is a disciplinary matter and will be dealt with in this manner. We know that staff do respect confidentiality, but this is a reminder to those who may not be aware of the importance we need to place on this issue and we would ask all staff to be mindful of this.

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