MCare NI

Community Care Assistant – Personal Declaration Form

CCA6 - Personal Declaration
  1. I declare that all the foregoing statements are true, complete and accurate.
  2. I understand that if I give wrong information or leave out important information I could be dismissed if I take up this job.
  3. I understand that to take up this job I must have satisfactory references, health assessment and Access NI checks (if applicable).
  4. I understand that I may be asked to show some formal identification and evidence of qualifications if required.
  5. I confirm that as far as I know there are no medical reasons that would stop me from carrying out the duties of this job.
  6. I agree the MCare NI making necessary enquiries during the recruitment and selection process.
  7. I understand that canvassing will disqualify me from the selection process for this job.
  8. I consent to the information I have provided being used within the context of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  9. I understand that my application will be submitted to and processed by the MCare NI to facilitate the full Recruitment Process.
  10.  I understand that where it is necessary to obtain an Access NI disclosure the MCare NI operates in line with the Access NI Code of Practice.  This includes safe handling and secure storage of ANI Disclosures.
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