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Medication Administration Test Form

Medication Administration Assessment

If you are unsure of any tasks during your employment you MUST discuss your training need with the manager, who will then ensure you receive additional support in your requested topic.


Assessment questions:

1. John Brown just received a supply of antibiotics. What must the staff do before John can commence the medication?
2. Who may fill out an MDS?
3. Which routes of medication administration should you wear gloves to assist with?
4. What is the single best way to control the spread of germs?
5. What are the “Seven Rights” of medication?
6. Which of the following are considered medication errors?
7. Wayne has refused his 8AM medication. You should:
8. Mary is one of the evening staff who will give medications to Joe. She is giving the 4PM medications and discovers that dose has already been given. Mary should:
9. Which of the following is not a medication error?
10. A client on a new medication comes to you complaining of itching, having trouble breathing and tingling lips. What should you do first?
11. Tom has arthritis in his hands but can self administer his medication with supervision. May you be required to open the bottle for him?
12. Frank’s wife is concerned about his cough, so she brought some Robitussin for you to give him. It is OK for you to give the Robitussin, since the client’s wife wants you to:
13. Please provide the answers for the following: