Monitoring Questionnaire

Employee / Applicant Monitoring Questionnaire

We are an Equal Opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on the grounds of religious belief or political opinion. We practice equality of opportunity in Employment and select the best person for the job.

To demonstrate our commitment to equality of opportunity in Employment we require to monitor the community back ground of our Employees as required by the Fair Employment (N.I) Order 1998.

Regardless of whether or not we practice religion, most of us in Northern Ireland are seen as either Catholic or Protestant. We are therefore asking you to indicate your community background by ticking the appropriate box below.

Could you please indicate whether you are:

If you do not complete the questionnaire we are encouraged to use the ‘residuary’ method, which means that we make a determination on the basis of personal information on the application form.

NOTE: It is a criminal offence under the legislation for a person to give false information in connection with the operation of the monitoring return.