Why retire when you can work in Community Care?

Why retire when you can work in Community Care?

Retirement is the day many of us look forward to today.  We might think “More time for me”, “More time for relaxing”, “More time to try something new or travel a bit more”.    

When we spend so much of our time before retirement in work, with a feeling we have accomplished something and have a solid daily routine, finding a new focus once the gloss of retirement has worn off, is often key to achieving a renewed sense of well-being and happiness. 

Standing still or relaxing is certainly not something our amazing care worker, Lily McNabb, has in mind.  Despite reaching retirement age a number of years ago, Lily is continuing to dedicate her life to caring for others in the community and has been part of the MCare Team for over 16 years. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us Lily.  And firstly – massive congratulations on 16 years with MCare!

Thank you very much – I just love what I do and love being part of the Mcare Team!

“…I joined MCare in 2006 and haven’t looked back!..”

Q: Tell us about your career as a carer?

I previously worked in a Nursing Home doing night shifts. I loved the job and the people I had the privilege of looking after. However, after 10 years, I needed a change, but knew I wanted to continue working in a similar role.  I joined MCare in 2006 and haven’t looked back!

Q: What attracted you to a role in MCare?

The role offered me the chance to work a flexible range of shifts, and I felt I could give so much to the service users, given my experience working in a Nursing Home.  I work a mix of days and evenings and it’s just great. 

“..I have a great relationship with my service users and their families..”

Q: What do you love most about your job?

Joining MCare has been the best move I ever made.  What I love most is the different people I get to meet – I have a great relationship with my service users and their families – they really are the nicest people.  

I also love the team I am part of – all of us work so well together. 

“..Retirement is not for me yet – I wouldn’t be able to sit still and I’d miss the buzz of caring for others..”

Q: What is your secret to staying so positive and why do you feel retirement isn’t for you yet?

I love meeting new people and get real joy in caring for others and love the feeling I have gone home each day and have helped in some small way to make a difference. 

Retirement is not for me yet –  I wouldn’t be able to sit still and I’d miss all the buzz of caring for other people. Being part of MCare gives me that buzz, and I would miss it terribly if I had to give it up.

“…Our service users depend on us so much..”

Q: What are the top 3 skills you need to be successful as a carer? 

First and foremost, you need to be a caring and compassionate person.  You also need to work well in a team, but also be able to work on your own because if you aren’t working as part of a double run, you have to be able to cope by yourself.  You also need to be a loyal and hard-working person. Our service users depend on us so much, so it’s important we don’t let anyone down. 


Q: What advice would you give to anyone considering a career as a Community Care Worker?

I would just say “Just do it, and go for it”.  I have been with MCare now for 16 years and I just love my job, my clients and my colleagues, which makes it so easy. It is such a rewarding career.

You’re an inspiration Lily – thanks for being part of our Team and helping out so much in your community!

Thank you – I should have retired a long time ago, but there’s plenty of life in me yet and I still have so much to give. Not bad for an aul spud!!


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